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Kyrylivka recreation
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  • Recreation centers Spit Siltings

    Recreation centers Spit Siltings

    Tourist Information Website "Kyrylivka"
  • Kyrylivka recreation

    Kyrylivka recreation

    Kyrylivka - a recognized resort center of the southern coast of the Azov Sea

Tourist Information Website "Kyrylivka"

Welcome to information- travel site " Kyrylivka ". The site contains information, thanks to which you'll be able to get the information from the first persons working in recreation and boarding houses, private sector. Acquainted with these suggestions, you will be able to choose a suitable place for a pleasant summer holiday.

Kyrylivka - a recognized resort center of the southern coast of the Azov Sea (Ukraine) has been known for many decades. It is a popular holiday destination located 42 km from the station Akimovka and 65 km from the city of Melitopol. The history of the village dates back to 1805. Despite his young age, Kyrylivka always attracted enthusiasts and relaxation. Kyrylivka also famous for its mud baths, where anyone can relax and improve their health. The undoubted advantage of staying in Kyrylivka are its golden sandy beaches, and the lack of industrial enterprises. Kyrylivka - the pearl of the sea. Fedotov Spit, Spit Siltings one of the best places where you can spend some quiet time, sunbathe, swim and go fishing.


Kyrylivka - it is a beautiful small town, numbering 3.5 million residents and two fitting plait - Fedotov and Siltings . Hotel services and facilities - more than 360 recreation centers and 18 children's recreational facilities, located both on spits, and in most Kyrylivka.

In general Kyrylivka - a cozy place with good infrastructure. There are a large number of shopping malls, coffee shops, places of entertainment. The center also has a Kyrylivka pharmacies, markets, computer clubs, lounges mobile post office, bank, bus station. Offer services to private photographers, there is a possibility to rent beach equipment. Motor transportation between Kyrylivka, oblique Siltings and oblique Fedotovoj is by bus, departing from the bus station Kyrylivka every 30 minutes.

On all the beaches Kyrylivka can be photographed with exotic animals. Just opened hire catamarans, jet skis, and other marine attractions. In Kyrylivka has an information center where you can enjoy an amazing tour. You can go to a unique monument of the ancient civilization of stone tomb, in Askania Nova Island Biruchiy.

Regular season stay in Kyrylivka begins in May and lasts until mid-September. By the number of sunny days per year, the sky Kyrylivka as the coast of the Azov Sea as a whole is not inferior to the Crimea. The water in the shallow, warm gentle sea very quickly and in May reached 20 C.

Vacationing in Kirilllovke is nice. Immersed in the green village allows family people indulge in the quiet and tranquility. In recent years, the central part of Kyrylivka built for you lovely rooms "de luxe", "Junior" and "Economy". The sea here is a 10-minute walk away. The beaches are great, clean. Ideal for families with children. Mostly here coquina sand and shallow. In general Kyrylivka beach. At the beginning of braids Siltings is a market in front of him also shared beach.


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