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Kyrylivka recreation
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  • Recreation centers Spit Siltings

    Recreation centers Spit Siltings

    Tourist Information Website "Kyrylivka"
  • Kyrylivka recreation

    Kyrylivka recreation

    Kyrylivka - a recognized resort center of the southern coast of the Azov Sea

Travel portal "Kirillovka"

Welcome to the tourist site "Kirillovka '. The site contains information, thanks to which you will be able to get information from the first persons working at recreation centers and boarding houses, private sector. Acquainted with these suggestions, you will be able to choose a suitable place for a pleasant summer holiday.

Kirillovka - here a taste of life manifests itself in everything !

Regardless of the outside blooming spring or hot summer, Kirillovka is ready to welcome guests at any time of the year. Among the factors the rising popularity of Ukrainian resort, in addition to guaranteed good weather, distinguish the rapid development of the civilized tourist market. A wide range of recreation makes a holiday near the Sea of Azov accessible to all categories of the population.

Kirillovka base Fedotova Spit recreation

Regularly long sandy strip of land stretching far into the sea, beats by his own attendance records. A popular center of beach tourism alluvial plait Kyrylivka made warm sea, large, clean beaches and comfortable hotels to suit every taste and budget. Travelers who plan to visit for the first time Fedotov Spit, recreation book or guest house is better in the spring, since the summer the most interesting offers mostly dismantled.

Almost all heard that in Kirillovka Spit Fedotova - a unique place with a particularly mild climate. And in the very beginning of the spit is Europe's largest water park. And not only him. Dolphinarium, equestrian circus, amusement park, night clubs, restaurants - in Kirillovka plenty of places to relax.

Kirillovka - Spit Peresyp, recreation

For the Ukrainian tradition every summer to rest on the sea is so natural that it is hard to imagine the lack of tourists in the Sea of Azov. Even if you are a budget traveler and you are interested in an inexpensive vacation by the sea, the Spit spit in Kirillovka - place the most, that neither is appropriate, where the guests of the village will offer a large selection of cozy rooms of economy class.

For those who are interested in elegant accommodation opposite the sea with all amenities, Kirillovka hospitably opens the doors to numerous hotels, boarding houses and holiday homes. Rest in Kirillovka on the Spit Peresyp - a wonderful example of how a vacation in harmony with nature, but not to give up at the same time the benefits of civilization.

Rest in Kyrylivka lovers come from all over Ukraine

One may try to guess where to arrange a romantic vacation, and you can trust the information and popular tourist site with an impeccable reputation. In this type of online portal easily and securely reserve the best room in Kirillovka for honeymooners or a cozy cottage for lovers.

Kyrylivka Centre is ideal for those who want to be together, but do not get bored in the quiet, but bright and cheerful vacation. Kyrylivka Private sector - far removed from the concept of "all inclusive", but the hospitality with which the villagers meet each tourist will appreciate those couples who are accustomed to a high level of comfort is really.

However, in Kirillovka rest well and love, and large companies, and families with children - a resort on the shore of the Azov Sea inspires and fully meet the expectations of people who are tired, hungry for absolute relaxation. Here, as in any other place every day is full of pleasures and surprises: in the morning - breakfast on the beach, afternoon boat trip on the boat, in the evening - an open-air cinema show. In Kirillovka all feeling naked and basking in the southern sun, on the beach of the body.

The ideal object to travel for ten days - Kyrylivka

The route obedient lovers of the sea, fresh seafood, unobtrusive service - Peresyp and Fedotova Spit in Kirillovka. Recreation village was appreciated by many of our compatriots. Accommodation here everyone can easily find for themselves.

Without further ado: Kosa Kyrylivka - a true landmark for the mind-blowing, serene vacation.

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